Family Help

Angel Tree

Angel Tree® is designed to reach the innocent victims of crime who are often forgotten…children of prisoners. Being separated from a parent at Christmas time is a painful experience. Angel Tree® touches those children with the love of Christ at Christmas by providing them with special Christmas gifts. Members of local churches volunteer to sponsor these children by purchasing a gift based on information gathered by PF volunteers and prison chaplains. The prisoner writes a card to be presented along with the gift, assuring the children that Mum or Dad misses and loves them. The true gift of Angel Tree® is the strengthening of the family bond while the family is apart.


Kids Camps

A child of an inmate is six times more likely to end up in prison. PFQ runs camps for children of inmates to help break the cycle of crime. Leaders and volunteers are required for this very rewarding work.


Family Support

Do you have a loved one in prison? The family members of a person in prison often struggle to know what to do or how to cope. Some families need practical assistance at home or something as simple as a lift to go to visit a family member in prison. Let us know if we can help you with practical resources or a friendly chat.