Sycamore Tree Project Starts February 17

The Sycamore Tree Project will start on its fifth program in Queensland on Monday 17thFebruary at the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre near Gatton.

sycamore tree project logo



Victims and offenders meet for eight 2 hour sessions, usually over a period of 8 weeks. The facilitator leads the group through a series of topics leading naturally to a time in which both victims and offenders can share letters and covenants which express how they feel and how they wish to move forward.

Offenders are invited to explore ways of making restitution for the harm caused by their criminal behavior. Victims are given the opportunity to consider ways in which they can take control of their lives and begin their journey toward healing and restoration. Finally, the group meets in a public celebration and graduation meeting.

Do you know a crime survivor in the Brisbane area who would benefit from taking part in the Sycamore Tree Project this year? Please contact the PF Qld Office.